Abhayaranyam mini zoo is a part of ecotourism project which started its plan in the year 2010 and launched at 18th February 2011. This project mainly aimed at rehabilitation all the animals from Kodanad Elephant training center which is 2 kilometers away from the current location. Kodanad Elephant training center covered only an area of 2.5 acres along the banks of the River Periyar and the number of animals in the area kept increasing .Hence there aroused certain complaints that the animals inside the zoo are tightly packed and there were no sufficient space for the animals to freely roam around. This was the reason for the relocation to the new mini zoo Abhayaranyam.


  1. I have visited twice recently - late April 2016 and last week. On my second visit I asked to see the elephants after morning bathing and instantly became concerned about the bull and a calf I was lead to see, who were tightly chained to trees with no moving space - rather than housed in a compound where they can move around. The infant was shaking its head repetitively in what seemed like a sign of stress. What authority at the zoo can I contact to enquire about the animals welfare and daily routine? It simply isn't an eco project if the animals are not treated humanely. While the location and layout is lovely, this has to be addressed. I have see a promotional You Tube video for the zoo which showed the elephants in a compound - why was this not what i was taken to see?


    1. Divisional Forest Officer,
      Malayattoor Forest Division,
      Kodanad, Eranakulam District,
      Ph: 0484 2649052

  2. Visited the zoo last month..liked the place.
    KidsHappiness India


  3. We visited the place earlier, and loved it. A peaceful place where you can have some nice time without the crowd.