Kodanad is very famous for its Elephant training center.This rural village is along the bank of the River Periyar. The elephant capturing and training was started in the year 1895 in Malayatoor reserved forests. They then constructed a large kraal for training the elephants.

Kraal is actually a big wooden cage made of wood kambakam scientifically known as Hopea Parviflora , it is so strong that it cannot be destroyed even under tension. The training were carried out by the skilled people so called Mahouts (‘Paappan’ in Malayalam) where the training can extend up to three months until these elephants are well tamed  for doing forestry works. The Kraal you see now is not the original one built in 1895 but was rebuilt in 1965 in the original location.

During 1950’s kodanad became one of  the largest elephant training  centers . But twenty  years later when Government of India  banned capturing of elephants,  it became a center  for training young elephants who were rescued from several parts of the state. But now the elephant training center is closed permanently and all the animals are moved to Abhayaranyam Zoo which is 2 kilometers away from this center.

Abhayaranyam Zoo and tourist destination is located at the midst of a large forest in Kaprikkadd, Kodanad. The Abhayaranyam project came into existence from 18th February 2011. It was inaugurated by the Minister of Forest and Housing, Shri .Binoy Vishwom.

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